Creation v. Evolution: Does it matter?

Q.  I recently saw a video where a priest said that evolution and creation is irrelevant in Orthodoxy.  He says it isn’t consequential.  Is this right? A.  I suppose we have to define consequential to decide whether it is right or not.  On some very macro scale where the ultimate and only weight is one’s Read more about Creation v. Evolution: Does it matter?[…]

What are the Royal Hours?

As the Nativity services approached, I commented that it was almost time for Royal Hours, and I received an inquiry as to what Royal Hours are. Here was my response: From the earliest days of the Church, there have been appointed certain prayers to be read at certain times (or certain Hours if you will). Read more about What are the Royal Hours?[…]

Reflection on My Soul

My prayers are weak and ineffectual. They are diluted by the sinful state of my soul. It is only in His great mercy that God would condescend to hear them! I am possessed of the passions, egoism, pride and gluttony foremost. God permits me to pray for others so that I might fight against these Read more about Reflection on My Soul[…]