Of Insults and Discernment

It was said concerning Abba Agathon that some monks came to find him having heard tell of his great discernment. Wanting to see if he would lose his temper they said to him ‘Aren’t you that Agathon who is said to be a fornicator and a proud man?’ ‘Yes, it is very true,’ he answered. Read more about Of Insults and Discernment[…]

The Humble King Enters – Homily for Palm Sunday

In today’s homily for Palm Sunday, Fr. Irineos urges us to intensify our preparation as we journey with our Savior to the Cross. (Rough transcript below) Listen to “The Humble King Enters – Homily for Palm Sunday” on Spreaker.   Today the King of Glory comes to the Gates of Jerusalem and enters in, seated Read more about The Humble King Enters – Homily for Palm Sunday[…]

What is Lent? – A Homily on Forgiveness Sunday

On Forgiveness Sunday, Fr. Irineos talks about the transformative objective of Lent, contrasting it to the usual conception of Lent in our society. Listen to “What is Lent? – Homily on Forgiveness Sunday” on Spreaker. Matthew 6:14-21 14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: 15 But if Read more about What is Lent? – A Homily on Forgiveness Sunday[…]

Modeling Humility and Repentance: A Homily on Zacchaeus Sunday

Fr. Irineos uses the Gospel account of Zacchaeus to examine a model of humility and repentance that prepares us for Great Lent and ultimately Pascha. Listen to “Modeling Humility and Repentance: Homily for Zacchaeus Sunday” on Spreaker. It's only fair to share… Facebook Twitter AccessDeniedAccess DeniedZQZ2KJ4C3APRDF23T+HpGeZhg7N4HNqiGlKVStbmOj7UHCuzDs5O4rJ9SveeCBxjpTLbs+OmQQbgiMZV4P0WmCvFqWs= AccessDeniedAccess DeniedZQZEFH24M8AYW79SnguMzvshKUJcZH3mc2FR64o5ClREo4/HvjpRkIDzqKbxbuEFmlqr/zY+JjiQRWPNiKTXQI58HkQ=Google Pinterest Email AccessDeniedAccess DeniedW57ZNXKWJ39268HWYV9b7EVWTgKCkAPuSEF4LqH52kygEzQkvJbQP3Q3bzQRJfNRBNGpSecrl4MXgI25CpkWUPIB1MU= AccessDeniedAccess DeniedW57K9X7BECS88JXQUmailendJbYwq934cEcZFcPVz1G5h7H2Yyov1Rfdp6AhN8G+tMRUl0AkoE1ZFTPnVMWbSeEJdUE=Facebook Save