Reflection on My Soul

My prayers are weak and ineffectual. They are diluted by the sinful state of my soul. It is only in His great mercy that God would condescend to hear them! I am possessed of the passions, egoism, pride and gluttony foremost. God permits me to pray for others so that I might fight against these Read more about Reflection on My Soul[…]

Wiser than the Saints

The fathers of the Church consistently remind Christians that we are to guard our mouths.  We sing in the vespers verses, “Set a watch O Lord before my mouth, keep the door of my lips!”  I will occasionally post the saying of the fathers on this, or like posts by others that remind us of Read more about Wiser than the Saints[…]

The MP-EP Schism: It’s Not a Surprise; It is a Big Deal

What are we to make of this recent development in World Orthodoxy which, while percolating for some time, bubbled over this week when the synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate decided that, functioning as a court of last appeal, it would (25+ years post hoc) reinstate the deposed bishop Filaret Denysenko, along with other claimants to Read more about The MP-EP Schism: It’s Not a Surprise; It is a Big Deal[…]

Set a Watch Before my Mouth

Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips. Psalm 140:3   This week I had an outburst.  I lost my temper with someone who has been treating me badly for the last three years.  He’s been disrespectful of me publicly.  And on Tuesday, he interjected himself into a private Read more about Set a Watch Before my Mouth[…]

Does the Orthodox Church Not Believe the Bible?

This query was posted on Facebook by a friend of a friend: Why are the words of Jesus’s disciples discredited but the words of people appointed saints not? The bible says it was inspired by God. Inspired meaning in the original language is “to breath life into” just as God inspired Adam. Does Orthodox religion Read more about Does the Orthodox Church Not Believe the Bible?[…]

Lazar Puhalo Attacks Monasticism

Recently, the retired OCA bishop Lazar Puhalo (also known as ROCOR deacon Lev Puhalo before his deposition) was asked “Is monasticism a form of moralism?” by a group that advocates a married episcopate. He responded as follows: “I suspect that it is. I have written many times that monasticism is in no way superior to Read more about Lazar Puhalo Attacks Monasticism[…]

Be Perfectly Joined Together

The Epistle Reading for today gave me much to reflect on as I prepared my homily.  And after I was done, I thought it was not my best effort to be sure.  But the theme of the reading was so strong, it merits more comment.  The Epistle (1 Cor. 1:10-18) begins: Now I beseech you, Read more about Be Perfectly Joined Together[…]

Orthodox Evangelism

Orthodox evangelism is not like what passes for evangelism in the various Christian sects.  We understand that we do not bring anyone to the Church.  That is the job of the Holy Spirit.  Our job is to be ready to receive and welcome each inquirer as the prepare to come home to Holy Orthodoxy!  How Read more about Orthodox Evangelism[…]

Of Insults and Discernment

It was said concerning Abba Agathon that some monks came to find him having heard tell of his great discernment. Wanting to see if he would lose his temper they said to him ‘Aren’t you that Agathon who is said to be a fornicator and a proud man?’ ‘Yes, it is very true,’ he answered. Read more about Of Insults and Discernment[…]

Are the Objections of the Old Calendarists Just Modern Day Donatism?

by Bishop Irineos of Illyricum   Even among the New Calendarists, there remain many traditionalists who will condemn, or at least voice uneasiness over, the Calendar innovation of Meletios Metaxakis (sometimes referred to as Meletios Metaxis) or the continuing ecumenism of Bartholomew of Constantinople, and generally will agree with the Genuine Orthodox position on ecumenism, Read more about Are the Objections of the Old Calendarists Just Modern Day Donatism?[…]