Matter Matters: Homily on the Sunday of Orthodoxy

On the Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy, Fr. Irineos discusses the historical context of the controversy over icons, their role in Orthodox tradition, and why matter is appropriate for veneration. The homily closes with a reflection on the relationship between us and the material world as viewed by secular society and by the Church.

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As the Prophets beheld,

As the Apostles taught,

As the Church received,

As the Teachers dogmatized,

As the Universe agreed,

As Grace illumined,

As the Truth revealed,

As falsehood passed away,

As Wisdom presented,

As Christ awarded,

Thus we declare,

Thus we assert,

Thus we proclaim Christ our true God

and honor His saints,

In words,

In writings,

In thoughts,

In sacrifices,

In churches,

In holy icons.

On the one hand, worshipping and reverencing Christ as God and Lord.

And on the other hand, honoring and venerating His Saints as true servants of the same Lord.

This is the Faith of the Apostles.

This is the Faith of the Fathers.

This is the Faith of the Orthodox.

This is the Faith which has established the Universe.

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