Do Orthodox Neglect Evangelism?

A 60 second thought I had: Is it a fair criticism of the Orthodox that we do not evangelize like the protestants, and especially the non-denominational protestants? Yes and no. In an absolute sense (and probably a per capita sense if such were measurable) I think it is true there is more emphasis on evangelism Read more about Do Orthodox Neglect Evangelism?[…]

Conciliarity, Obedience and the Egoism of Sola Scriptura

It is perhaps a sad commentary on how much time I spend on the internet, that many of the ideas I have for this blog stem from things I read on Facebook or other social media or internet forum communities.  Today, while reading some commentary on the Nativity of the Theotokos, I watched the discussion Read more about Conciliarity, Obedience and the Egoism of Sola Scriptura[…]

Why Your “House Church” is Missing the Mark

In some living rooms today, gather Christians who belong to what is called the “house church” movement. They cite biblical proof texts speaking of the church in the house or small communities. The cherry picking of bible verses, while ignoring inconvenient ones, is the lot of the radically anti-church Christians. So determined to have their Read more about Why Your “House Church” is Missing the Mark[…]