VIDEO: The Mystery of Holy Baptism

Continuing a discussion on grace and the Holy Mysteries (sacraments), Fr. Irineos discusses the Orthodox understanding of the Mystery of Holy Baptism, its grace imparting economy, and some differences between modern, western views of Baptism and the historic understanding of the apostolic Church. It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterPinterestemail

VIDEO: Understanding Grace

As a precursor to upcoming episodes on the sacraments (Holy Mysteries) of the Church, Father Irineos explores the Orthodox understanding of grace, and how we come to know God through his divine energies. This is Episode 3 in the series “A Few Minutes for Faith.”   It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Fr. Irineos Launches YouTube Series

I am pleased invite you to visit and view my YouTube series, “A Few Minutes for Faith,” focusing on Orthodox theology and issues raised by both inquirers and the faithful alike.  The series is updated somewhat irregularly, so please subscribe to the Playlist, so you will get notified when we put new episodes out. We Read more about Fr. Irineos Launches YouTube Series[…]