Are the Objections of the Old Calendarists Just Modern Day Donatism?

by Bishop Irineos of Illyricum   Even among the New Calendarists, there remain many traditionalists who will condemn, or at least voice uneasiness over, the Calendar innovation of Meletios Metaxakis (sometimes referred to as Meletios Metaxis) or the continuing ecumenism of Bartholomew of Constantinople, and generally will agree with the Genuine Orthodox position on ecumenism, Read more about Are the Objections of the Old Calendarists Just Modern Day Donatism?[…]

VIDEO – The Mystery of Holy Chrismation

In this video, Fr. Irineos explores the Mystery of Holy Chrismation, which follows Holy Baptism in Orthodox practice. This video explores the scriptural basis as well as the theological understanding of grace and the sacrament. If you enjoy this video, please subscribe to the YouTube series, “A Few Minutes for Faith.”  In the series we Read more about VIDEO – The Mystery of Holy Chrismation[…]

VIDEO: The Mystery of Holy Baptism

Continuing a discussion on grace and the Holy Mysteries (sacraments), Fr. Irineos discusses the Orthodox understanding of the Mystery of Holy Baptism, its grace imparting economy, and some differences between modern, western views of Baptism and the historic understanding of the apostolic Church. It’s only fair to share…