Orthopraxy – The Proskomedia Service

proskomediaFrom the weekly bulletin of St. Andrew Orthodox Church

 If you ever arrive particularly early for the Liturgy, you will hear a service being conducted in the sanctuary.  This service, known as the Proskomedia, or Office of Oblation is a preparatory rite for the Divine Liturgy where the bread and wine are prepared for the Eucharistic offering.  Using loaves of bread which bear a special seal, the priest prepares the Lamb, which will be consecrated for use in communion, as well as portions commemorating the Theotokos, the saints, the bishop, the Orthodox living and dead of the parish and other Orthodox who may hold a special place in the hearts of parish members.  Each Sunday, every member of the parish is prayed for by name and a particle of bread is place on the diskos as they are commemorated.  During the liturgy, the lamb is sacrificed and, as the body of Christ is placed  in the Chalice for distribution to the faithful.  However, the other pieces on the diskos are not ignored.  These particles are placed in the chalice after communion with special prayers for the remission of sins of the parish members.  The bread that is not placed on the diskos will be blessed during the liturgy and distributed as antidoron after the service.


If you have Orthodox friends or relatives, living or dead, you wish to have commemorated, please visit with Fr. Irineos about adding their names to the commemoration list.

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