The MP/EP Split – Five Years On

In 2018, I wrote about the recent schism between Moscow and Constantinople from the perspective of the GOC/TOC.  I was particularly interested in how the same people who clutch their pearls and condemn the Old Calendarists for separating themselves from the ecclesiological errors and subsequent heresy of the new Calendarists as they plunged headlong from Read more about The MP/EP Split – Five Years On[…]

Orthopraxy – The Proskomedia Service

From the weekly bulletin of St. Andrew Orthodox Church  If you ever arrive particularly early for the Liturgy, you will hear a service being conducted in the sanctuary.  This service, known as the Proskomedia, or Office of Oblation is a preparatory rite for the Divine Liturgy where the bread and wine are prepared for the Read more about Orthopraxy – The Proskomedia Service[…]

Orthopraxy – Approaching the Chalice

A short note from the Weekly Bulletin of St. Andrew Orthodox Church When we serve the Holy Eucharist, there are certain practices and that come from various traditions and certain customs that exist toward the end of assuring the sanctity of the Holy Gifts.  Remembering that Orthodox theology recognizes that the Eucharist is the true Read more about Orthopraxy – Approaching the Chalice[…]